This wedding was all about embracing your authentic self and being the best “you” possible while lifting up people around you. AND. I. LOVED. IT. First of all, Glen Magna Farms Danvers Ma is a historic home with the most incredible gardens with flowers of all kinds and colors. Everything in the wedding seemed to stem off of Kate’s cheerful yellow gown that was truly a symbol of the bright and kind person she is. This eclectic, true, kind, musical, and artistic event was truly unique. The floral pieces were brought in by Craig’s son Elijah’s side of the family that are growers. The bracelet Kate wore was also worn 3 generations before and passed through the women of the family to be worn on her wedding day. It seemed as though there was a constant stream of speakers full of kind words, funny stories, and awesome dance moves. After the lavish dinner provided by Vinwood Caterers (it was delish for anyone wanting top notch catering) Kate and Craig wasted no time getting the party started with some great songs including Little Red Corvette by Prince and Run the World by Beyonce played by DJ Sara Williams. But let’s be honest, what does all of that matter? The reason for gathering was to witness the love between these two amazing humans and the creation of a larger family including Craig’s son. Their vows I think say it all so I asked them to share, they kindly obliged:

“I promise to grow with you throughout our lives together, and support the person you are and the person you want to be.

I promise to share my true self with you, even when I am tired and afraid.

I promise to practice patience with you and with myself, to accept the ways we are different and to show tenderness with those differences.

But I also promise not to have too much patience, because there is injustice that needs a steady and forceful opponent – and I need you as an ally.

I promise to be there with you, for our family, our community, and our world and to help Elijah become the generous and passionate man he is destined to be.

I promise to work to ignore the myth of domestic partnership perpetrated by advertisers, facebook, and romantic comedies, and instead focus on making our life authentic and beautiful, musical and interesting, and funny. I promise to love you for life, as long as we both shall live.”


Thank you Craig and Kate for letting me be present to witness your love and experience your day by your side.


Congratulations! Blessings on your journeys

That was a Joy Filled Celebration! Love seeing this and reading the loving vows

It was Martha! I loved re visiting the vows!